Saturday, December 5, 2015

5 Minute Drape Vest + Ombre Bleach= Cute, Quick and Cheap :)

 An afternoon with my daughter and about $2 and we came up with this cute Drape Vest that she is proud to wear and can say she helped make.


I found some shirts at Dollar Tree over a year ago. I bought two purple and two blue in my kids sizes. I was sure I could quickly personalize these shirts and they would make wonderful Christmas gifts. As life sometimes goes, I didn't get around to them. So they sat in my pile of "To Do."


I was back at Dollar Tree yesterday and found they had a few more of these shirts. Of course I got another one. Why? Well so I could add it to the pile :P Turns out this time I had a project for them. Hurray! I came home and got right to work.

First I used this tutorial to cut the shirt into a vest:


I added a couple of quick cuts and two knots to the back to add some sizing and texture.

Then we moved to the bathtub. It is way to cold outside today. My daughter and I opened the windows and closed the door to keep the smell contained in the bathroom. I didn't have my daughter work with the bleach directly. She gave me the instructions of how long to leave the shirt in the bleach water and where to place the shirt in the bleach water. After I had rinsed the bleach out of the shirt I had her wash the shirt in the sink with warm water and hand soap. She loved it!

Here's the tutorial we used to bleach the shirt for the fun color variation:

Total Cost under $2!!
The T-shirt was a dollar and some change with tax. The bleach was under a dollar as I had a big jug of it left over from another experiment.
We took an afternoon for the whole project. Mostly Fun Mother/Daughter time so I don't count it as an expense.