Sunday, November 11, 2012

The friendship star pillow cover for friends!

Can you believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner? That means Christmas will be here in a flash. So it's time to find the time for gift making. A lot of my gifts go unappreciated but there are those few occasions when I made something special for someone and I knew they really treasure it... those are the times it's all worth it.

I was thinking of sharing some of this years gifts that are ready for giving, then I remembered this is a public blog and that would take away all the surprise :)

Instead I'll share with you a class I taught last night to some friends in my church.

 I demonstrated the friendship star block and how to  made it into a pillow cover for a decorative throw pillow.
This is the block I taught. It was fun to be presenting to good friends. I could really joke around and enjoy myself. I like teaching... but I really like hangin' out with my friends and sharing what I love with them.

One of the lucky ladies walked away with the above kit. Everything she needed to make the pillow cover except for the thread.

Here's the finished product... drum roll please:

As you can tell this last picture is different fabric than the first, which shows how versatile the friendship star can be!

Happy Holidays